Nosipho Motsamai Examines the Concept of Gender Representation Through Fashion

The ever-evolving fluidity in identity is definitely something worth documenting. Creative entrepreneur, Nosipho Motsamai has dedicated her time to capturing images that explore gender studies – which forms part of a larger, ongoing body of work through which she examines the concept of gender and gender representation through fashion.

“It is not [about] being a boy in a dress, it is about being who you are, as you are,” Motsamai says. Fashion is the young creative entrepreneur’s primary tool of activism and just one of the ways in which she communicates contemporary issues in society.

“The work about how bodies find their fit, and the human spirit is given maximum expression through clothing that outwardly corroborates the story of the inward self, of body and boy, of man and makeup. Of girlies and grit. It is not about being in a dress, but about being who you are,” she explains.

“Let me be. All things are tools, all clothing is an affirmation. That is why people have to be allowed to be who they are; that is why they must dress as they feel. Fluidity in identity, body politics and freedom. Freedom from the misery of normatives. Freedom from other, delivering to self. Fashion is the work I care to do. That is my activism,” Motsamai adds.

Here are some more images from the photo series:


Concept, styling and art direction: @nosipho.motsamai

Photography, editing, and direction: @leemolefi of @boloystudios

Model/muse: @onlysiiz

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