Home of Classics Continues To Celebrate Creative Collaborations

The Adidas Originals Home of Classics pack showcases a selection of
iconic leather silhouettes that get better with every step. Worn-in Adidas sneakers are an embodiment of life experiences and are made timeless by those who wear them.

To bring the Home of Classics Made with care, worn without campaign message to life, Adidas South Africa brought together three powerful creators, namely fashion designer Celeste Arendse of SELFI, young rapper Dee Koala, as well as photographer and film-maker Meghan Daniels. As the creator brand, Adidas is proud to have facilitated this upcycling-inspired project that saw Celeste of SELFI creating a unique on-stage outfit for Dee Koala to wear at her Capsule Fest 2019 performance.

Adidas supplied dead stock from the Reveal Your Voice apparel pack, facilitated a meet and greet with the three creatives and then left them to conceptualise, design, produce the mat A true coming together of creative forces, the synergy is an example of open-source collaboration at its best.

When asked what the Made with care, worn without notion means to her, Celeste of SELFI had the following to say; “To me, it resembles confidence in wearing an item, in addition to the fact that the product was designed with consideration and thought. It’s the concept I focused on while merging Dee’s personal style and using design aesthetics from SELFI for this project.”

Dee’s relaxed streetwear style informed Celeste’s considered and authentic design and construction process. T-shirts and socks provided fabric combinations in a muted colour palette which were fused to create a cohesive look – a one-piece jumpsuit that allowed Dee to move freely on stage, complimenting her expressive performance.

The importance of an outfit that tapped into Dee’s essence, while elevating her on-stage presence was paramount. “Creating an iconic on-stage moment involves the audience – let them in on it! They will remember you because they felt like they played a part in your performance.”, says Dee, making it clear that she believes in the power of collaboration and weaving it into every aspect of her craft.

This creative collaboration was captured by Meghan Daniels in a series of digital and film stills, as well as video. Meghan has become known for their documentary-esque work which highlights the beauty of connection. “Our sensitivity and care for one another aided the entire documentation process, making it feel both organic and ‘at home’ – Celeste and Dee engaging and sharing ideas from the start, Celeste understanding what outfit would suit Dee’s personality and finally me incorporating a visual style into the process that could hold and reflect all of this”, said Meghan when asked about the creative approach employed in this project.

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