10 Cool Creative Events in SA

South Africa has an abundance of events and parties happening throughout the course of the year. The events industry is one of the most lucrative industries in the country – with something happening every single weekend, event-goers are always spoiled for choice. If you are a creative looking to engage and meet like-minded individuals, then the following events might tickle your fancy.

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Pantone Sundays

This pop-up event takes place monthly from September till February in Johannesburg and Capetown. Hosted by Mamakashaka, Pantone Sundays caters to the needs of every creative. The colour-coded theme party askes fashion lovers and enthusiasts to wear the ‘colour of the month’ -usually drawn from the season’s palette. And if you thought that sounds cool, guests also get treated to inspiring installations from local brands. It’s like doing fashion week but in the most unconventional manner.

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Basha Uhuru

Sponsored by Nando’s SA, Basha Uhuru Festival is one of the few events in the country that push forward the creative culture. Over and beyond the music festival, Basha actually gives artistic expression to themes of democracy, identity, human rights, and freedom. By challenging young creatives to explore notions of freedom, Basha is aimed at highlighting current issues prevalent in society that impact the lives of young people. Artists get the opportunity to network, collaborate and be inspired at the creative workshops which happen throughout the four-day festival. Thousands of creatives have benefitted from this event and we hope to see it expand to other parts of the country in the near future.

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Latitudes Art Fair

This is a new art fair for African art in international times. This fair is an amazing portrayal of our diverse and growing art scene. It brings together a curated selection of artists, galleries, independent curators and institutions and takes a new approach to mediating and selling art – in which all applicants are considered equally viable, something that is seldom done in the art world.

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A first of its kind, The UNDERLINE show is a new annual exhibition and curatorial platform dedicated to supporting independent voices in contemporary art. Founded by curators, through a combination of private and public partnerships, the exhibition offers curators, as well as artists an opportunity to present and exhibit within a larger curated show. This year’s fair was held at MOAD in Maboneng where we were pleased to see the likes of Kgomotso Neto, Selloane Moeti, Papi Konopi and many other artists [who are producing incredible content] given the opportunity to exhibit their work to a large audience.

Image Credit: @sundayedition

Sunday Edition

This monthly social gathering in Braamfontein, Sunday Edition is a celebration of the city and urban culture, creating a platform for art outside of the gallery space, and investing in innovative street-fashion, local music, and cocktail culture. Sunday edition is a revolving exhibition of musicians, screen printers, zine makers, mixologists, and street artists. The event presents a curated offering of music, art, food, and fashion. It is the ultimate gathering of young creatives.

Thoughts by Rich Mnisi

Founded by contemporary fashion designer, RichMnisi, ‘Thoughts‘ is a space of dialogue that encourages a community in support of inclusive conversations on the uncomfortable journey of life. The idea behind this collaborative discussion is to provide a space where people can speak openly and honestly on topics that are hardly ever spoken about on a day-to-day basis – in a space free of judgment and shame.

First Thursdays

On the first Thursday of every month, people in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, and Bloemfontein come out in their numbers to discover and explore their city’s art and cultural spaces. There’s normally a slew of bars, galleries, and street markets at the events, offering free wine and special deals. Art galleries and cultural events stay open until 9 pm or later, allowing anyone to explore on foot and experience the cultural wealth this country has to offer. There is no tour, schedule, or guided walk; that is up to you.

Arte Botanica

Curated by Manthe Ribane of Dear Ribane, ArteBotanica is a new annual festival hosted at the Nirox Sculpture Park in the Cradle of Humankind, Krugersdorp. The event is an integration of diverse artistic disciplines through the enrichment of nature. Arte Botanica focuses on the fusion of fashion and the art, acknowledging and interrogating the values of self-adornment and beautification.

Handmade Contemporary Fair

The Handmade Contemporary Fair is an annual event that brings together the best in artisanal produce and craftsmanship. The fair has established itself as one of the most highly-anticipated events on Joburg’s social calendar, with visitors using the opportunity to discover new and coveted local design brands and sample some of the best food and wine in the country.

Image by Kgomotso Neto


FNB Art Joburg is Johannesburg’s leading art fair featuring the continent’s best artists under one roof. Art Joburg is run for galleries with galleries and is committed to further building the region’s gallery infrastructure. Joburg art enthusiasts look forward to this event every single year and it never disappoints.


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