The Annual Spier Light Art Is Back and Features Novel Installations by Local Artisans

The popular Spier Light Art is now open to the public until the 19th of January 2020. Each night, visitors can experience a dazzling array of light and sound artworks throughout the historic Stellenbosch farm.

At the opening ceremony of Spier Light Art, which took place on Saturday 7 December 2019, guests were invited to join a procession across a multi-sensory, cross-cultural wonderland featuring dancers, stilt walkers, and other illuminating enchantments. This was in celebration of the launch of the second edition of Spier Light Art – an array of 22 interspersed light and sound installations created by some of South Africa’s leading artists and designers.

Some of the installations that visitors can look forward to include:

  • Lyall Sprong’s Bergson’s Misting Circle – a 4-metre vertical circle of light and mist.
  • Roelf Daling’s interactive sculpture Wave Machine, that visualises the principle of wave theory.
  • Luan Nel’s Swell II that speaks to the loss of memories and histories.
  • David Brits’s Fire Snake is a massive 70-metre glowing shape, suspended high in one of the oldest oak trees living on the Spier Werf.
  • Wather Dixon’s Split Mirror that speaks to the psychological defense mechanism of splitting.

Spier Light Art is free and guests can explore the farm’s 22 light art installations at their own leisurely pace. The best time is at dusk, to catch the beautiful sunset and the switching on of the lights.

Images by Wilhelm Jonker.

Between 10 and 5