CPT Based Artist, Alien Girl Illuminates Hand Poked Tattoos

Embellishing an array of idiosyncratic designs, Alien Girl describes her work as ‘an ignorant style with finesse’. She recalls first exploring stick and poke in September 2017, and her first-ever tattoo being a miniature sized rose above her knee.

“I really wanted a tattoo for my birthday but I was too broke to afford it the time, which initially sparked my interest in hand-poked tattoos. I also had a friend who I grew up around who was doing stick and poke in the ghetto (Tafelsig, Mitchell’s Plain). I thought if he could do it with the limited resources he had, why couldn’t I?”

When browsing through her Instagram page you’ll find luminous designs – many that magnify and celebrate the female form. “I’m drawn to pro vagina art and that’s what I always end up sharing on my page. If my art helps women feel liberated I feel like I’m contributing positively.”

Tattooing from her home-based space, Alien girl says the right environment steers the tattoo process. She sets a tranquil mood from the get-go enhancing a client’s tattoo experience.

“Being honest about the pain, placement, how long it takes has made people way more comfortable, I don’t sugarcoat anything and I guess people find comfort in my honesty. Over time, I’ve noticed the right music is very important. I’ve become good at reading people who want to have a conversation and those who just want the tattoo done in silence. Overall, open communication is the wave.

The Cape Town-based artist employs body modification as a way to adhere to her eccentric identity. Each of her own tattoos represents a miscellany of the bits and pieces she resembles.
“Whenever I get a new tattoo, it feels like I’m getting closer to the true version of myself, so every time I get a tattoo I become more comfortable in my skin.”

“I would love to quit my regular job and tattoo full – time, I am working towards getting a private studio and also being able to travel for my tattoos – guesting at different shops would be bomb.”

Written by Michè Edwards.

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