The Black Sheep Consortium Highlights Codeine Addiction through Visual Documentation

Black Sheep is a visual and journalistic consortium that delves deep into the taboo, nuanced and contemporary stories of Africa’s youth, while, blending an aesthetic that is bent on effective journalism through an avant-garde edge.

The consortium is made up of Swiss journalist, author and documentarian Cristina Karrer, television producer, content producer and researcher Antoinette Mokgohloa and avant-garde artist, producer and multimedia specialist Amani Lenny Vallihu. The Black Sheep Consortium and Channel premiered on December 18th with it’s first installment – these installments will continue throughout 2020.

Codeine in Zimbabwe has ravaged the nation’s capital Harare. In full effect, codeine has become a popular means of ascribing to a culture of desperate escapism. Through the directors Cristina Karrer and Amani Lenny Vallihu, with production and coordination from Bruce Mabuya, Black Sheep aims to highlight the nature of the characters affected by the addicion.

Through a contemporary reportage, Black Sheep situates the viewer in a probing, cinematic, artistic and hard-hitting project, envisioned towards objectively witnessing Zimbabwe’s harrowing affair with addiction.

Watch the short film here:

Production Credits:

Directors – Cristina Karrer and Amani Lenny Vallihu (A.L.V)

Producer and Coordinator – Bruce Mabuya

Journalist and Interviewer – Cristina Karrer

Editor – A.L.V

Sound Engineering and Design – A.L.V

Assistant Filmmaker – Vernon Gore

Distributor – Antoinette Mokgohloa


Between 10 and 5