AKCENTS STUDIO Launches Summer Gear Collection

AKCENTS STUDIO launches its first clothing collection titled ISSUE001 under the direction of designer Prince Mredlana.

AKCENTS STUDIO is a long term design project that aims to create a home grown brand that will slot in high and low end fashion, with a push towards high quality everyday products in a South African context.

ISSUE001 explores the general South African summer gear in the lens of current fashion, introducing bold accents and over-sized pockets to staples such as the bucket hat and plain white t-shirts.

The collection was a personal challenge, and it is about laying the first brick towards building a clothing design house.

ISSUE001 explores new and up-cycled denim, cotton and cotton canvas. All products were inspired by South African summer staples, the bucket hat, plain white t-shirts, shorts and a belt for support, gilets for the scotching summer sun, the tote and the waist bags as the only carry accessories. As a product line, ISSUE001 will span a year, with more products to be added in the coming months.

Self taught designer Mredlana works out of his makeshift home studio where each and every AKCENTS piece has been produced so far.

Having a great interest in having a say on the structure of product rather than just the aesthetics, a home studio has allowed Mredlana to experiment in first person and learn from his mistakes.

Visit the brand’s website for more information.

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