Digital Designer Marc Brynard Portrays Vintage Culture Through Dynamic Line Works

Digital designer, Marc Brynard takes vintage aesthetics together with anime-inspired elements and merges them with a bold portrayal of colors. His interest in digital design sprung from many years of hand drawing. “It’s always been there. I’ve always loved design; digital became the next logical step after I left high school, ” he says.  

Brynard draws inspiration from thrift streetwear, people, the vibrant colours of Tokyo as well as the science-fiction of certain Japanese animation. Referring to himself as an obsessive lover of film and anime, many of his designs stem from animation and old video games – the nostalgic Playstation 1 & 2 era. 

A typical art-making day for the artist involves scouting Pinterest and/or Instagram to spark his creative juices and rolling it out from there. 

“I don’t think people realise the scale and work that goes into creating the art behind these kinds of projects. It’s all culminating in a look and feel I’m still just contemplating and developing as I go. I find subjects – often some influencers, fashionistas, or musicians – and get a basic drawing together. Then, I pull that onto Illustrator and the internet becomes my new muse.” He adds.

“I worry less about what I’m drawing overall. I’ve realised art can be anything. Things went from strictly hand-drawn, almost entirely themed around horror, and pushed towards a comic-book direction, to something more widely appealing; more bubbly and style-centric.”

The digital guru is not only tied down to his illustrations, but he is also currently extending himself within the music space. His music ultimately plays a fixed role in his art practice.

Dedicated to the journey of art-making, Brynard hopes to fearlessly venture into whatever is next to come. “Honestly, I just want to keep making more art; to keep finding out what I can do and exploring any avenue I find myself in.” 

To see more of Marc Brynard’s work follow him on Instagram.

Written by Michè Edwards.

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