E No Concern Me| The Irony of Junk Food by Visual Artist Ayobola Kekere-Ekun

‘E no concern me’ is a personal artistic project by visual artist Ayobola Kekere-Ekun. The title of the body of work, ‘E no concern me’, is a Nigerian vernacular phrase which roughly translates to “it’s none of my concern” or “it’s not my problem”.

Like many unequal societies, Nigeria can roughly be divided into a minuscule upper class, a stunted middle class and a bloated working class. This series highlights how the privileged lives of the upper and (to a smaller extent) middle class permit a large degree of detachment from the harsh realities of living and working in contemporary Nigeria.

A section of the population is cocooned in a false reality where their privilege seemingly keeps the country’s problems at bay. This false reality is symbolized by junk food, a medley of empty calories and pending health problems.

The pieces in the series speak to the privilege of being in a comfortable enough position to act like society’s problems are not ‘ours’ and do not directly affect us.

With the artist’s personal experiences and observations serving as a conduit, Kekere-Ekun believes in creating art that ultimately stimulates conversation and encourages thoughtful consideration, as both have the potential to influence and provoke one another. 

Between 10 and 5