Buying Art From Living Artists | Why Is It So Important?

Art is a great investment, people choose to add pieces to their collection from great masters such as Warhol, Picasso or Kahlo to name a few. However, there’s a number of living artists who create work of equal quality and equal relevance as those from the past.

Although we might all want to purchase artwork from well-known artists from the past who have made a household name for themselves, purchasing artwork from today’s artists plays a big impact on much more than the artist’s career. Below, we have listed some of the reasons why purchasing artwork from living artists rather than the deceased should be top of your list.

Help Artists Develop Their Talent

A number of upcoming artists do not make a living selling their works, which is why we often see artists having to get side jobs in order for them to be able to support themselves. Buying artwork from living artists keeps them motivated to continue developing their talents and working towards a career in the art space. This allows them to invest all their time and effort into art, and create works of better quality.

Artist: Thembalethu Manqunyana

Support Social and Political Movements

Through their artwork, most artists communicate a number of things, this could include personal political, societal and philosophical views, and buying their work could, to a certain extent, play a role in helping the artist communicate their philosophical, societal and political views to a wider audience.

Commission an Artwork that Suits Your Needs

Buying pre-painted artwork is great, however, we have all got some artistic ideas of our own that we would love to put onto a canvas but just don’t have the skills to do so. Supporting living artists allows us to bring our own ideas to life by commissioning artists – who are always open to commissions.

Get an Indisputable Proof of Authenticity

Being aware of the fact that there are a lot of art forgeries out there and how hard it may be to guarantee the authenticity of artworks, purchasing artwork from living artists is a great way of avoiding owning forged and fake work. Buying artwork from living artists promises you the authenticity as you will receive a certificate of authenticity which includes relevant information such as the title, size, date, the artist’s signature etc. This proves that the artwork is original.

Earn Money if the Artist Succeeds

It is no secret that over a number of years, the worth of artwork increases, which would mean buying art from an upcoming artist who is yet to make a name for themselves will allow you to secure art at a reasonably affordable price and profit from it once the artist makes it big.

Artist: Patrick Tankama

Contribute to the Local Economy

Ultimately, purchasing work from a living artist means that you are also contributing to the local economy; this being that the artist will have to spend that money somewhere and it will likely be at a local store. As any other small business owner, taxes paid by the artist contribute to the development of roads, healthcare, the air force, etc. That way, when you purchase work from a living artist you are indirectly contributing to an entire neighbourhood.

‘Buy Art from Living Artists, the Dead Don’t Need the Money

As morbid as this quote from artist Guy James Whitworth might sound, it is frighteningly accurate. Unlike the old masters, living artists really need your support.

Image Credit: Supplied

Source: Medium

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