Supper Club: Be A Part Of Our First Creative Meet-Up Of The Year

10and5 has been hosting Supper Clubs for almost a year now. The event has grown exponentially, and we are proud to present the 2020 edition which promises to be food for the soul, heart and creative mind.

What is Supper Club?

For those of you who are not familiar with the event, Supper Club is a networking event for creatives, and all those we have featured on our site over the previous months. This is a platform made for creatives to meet and connect with like-minded individuals over a delicious meal, and a glass of wine. Each month, we ask awesome and rad folks to join us in celebrating the artists, designers, filmmakers, photographers, producers and more who make up South Africa’s diverse creative industry.

Russell Abrahams, Koos Groenewald, World of Birds (Nic Preen, Conor McCarthy), Mrs. and Mr. Luke, and Fiance Knowles are some of the many people that have attended Supper Clubs at FoodJams. We think World of Birds might be a little obsessed, they have been to every Supper Club (shhhh … don’t tell anyone.)

What is a FoodJam?

Food Jams are social gatherings in which eating food is only half the fun. Participants are paired up, preferably with strangers, and each team is given a portion of the meal to prepare and invited to follow the recipe, although participants are usually encouraged to improvise.

The concept was started by Jade de Waal as an excuse to bring a group of friends together in her favourite place, the kitchen.

Our 10and5 FoodJam takes a special spin – we’re curating the event and keeping a strict guestlist with only a few positions open to the public and our 10and5 audience at large.

So, what do you say? Are you keen on attending the first Supper Club of the year?


Tickets include a buffet style dinner and dessert, with an endless supply of Brampton Wine to keep you hydrated through the night!

Please note that no tickets will be sold at the door, so make sure to book ahead of time to avoid disappointment.

Between 10 and 5