Fresh Meat: Nceba Shai

Nceba Shai is an interior designer who embodies modern and contemporary design choices. While she is an interior designer, Shai is inspired by fashion and music which she uses as a guide when creating innovative spaces. She creates work that challenges the viewer’s preconceptions about how space have been traditionally used. She aims to create spaces that facilitate critical thinking and immerses those occupying the space, in a new and stimulating environment.

The spaces Shai creates are striking and heavily inspired by conceptual and lateral thinking. As an up-and-coming creative, her work promises to leave a lasting impact on its viewers, and positively influence how people look and interact with groundbreaking spaces.

One would describe her design process as meticulous and methodical. She tackles briefs by first creating a mood board with various design inspirations, and pens down the reasons behind her creative choices, the rationales behind the mood boards show a great deal of thought and foresight – they create a strong basis for the design process going forward.

Next, she creates multiple concept sketches that explore different paths that the design could take. The concept sketches show in-depth ideation and fine drawing skills. Shai then creates aesthetically beautiful and practically functional interior planning, that allow for her designs to come to life in a legitimate way.

Finally, Shai creates professional renderings that give an authentic look and feel to the finished design. The thorough creative process Shai follows gives the feasibility of the designs without compromising the fresh aesthetic and bold design choices.

It is evident that fashion plays a part in Shai’s design choices. The choices show her talent for selecting complementary patterns and features that bring the interior of spaces together with continuity and class. Shai’s designs also showcase a desire to improve the way people use spaces and benefit from them as a community. There is a real sense of the need to create spaces that are not only elegant and inspiring but practical and functional.

The clean yet intricate design choices of Shai’s work show a level of maturity and discernment. The attention to research and preparation can be seen throughout all of her work.

Written by Freshmeat Graduate, Layla Maciver.

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