‘Radical Ubuntu’ |Solo Exhibition by Reggie Khumalo at ODA Gallery, CPT

This February, ODA Gallery presents Reggie Khumalo’s solo exhibition, ‘Radical Ubuntu’. The exhibition will open on Friday, Februay 7, and will go on until Thursday, March 5. Khumalo travels and works across Africa to bring back Ubuntu and help disadvantaged kids get to school. 

Since becoming a full-time artist in early 2017, the artist has had two sold-out solo exhibitions and two pop-ups in Johannesburg, one pop-up in Nairobi and a sold-out solo show in Addis Ababa. 

Being a traveler at heart, Khumalo draws inspiration from his love for Africa, Ubuntu, and social change. Since 2017, the artist has traveled through 13 African countries on his trusted BMW F650 GS. After every big trip, he holds an exhibition of the work inspired by the journey and donates a percentage of his profits to charitable causes.

Thanks to his art, Khumalo has been able to raise funds to help charities and institutions such as a rural school in Malawi, a children’s shelter in Addis Ababa, students in Mozambique and the AWCA in South Africa to name a few. As such, collecting his art is not only an investment but also a vehicle for social change.


Be sure to catch Khumalo’s exhibition to not only view some great art pieces but to also help the artist give back to a great cause.

Between 10 and 5