Trevor Stuurman’s Self-Portrait Bags ‘The Most Beautiful Object in South Africa’ Nomination at Design Indaba

Following the announcement of the nominations for Design Indaba’s annual ‘Most Beautiful Object in South Africa’, multi-talented creative Trevor Stuurman shared exciting news about being nominated under the category. “Incredibly proud to share that I am one of this year’s nominees for The Most Beautiful Object in South Africa, curated by Design Indaba. Nominated by an African creative giant that I look up to Sunu Gonera,” Stuurman shared in an Instagram post.

Image Credit: @trevor_stuurman

In the striking self-portrait of Stuurman, he engages with his own image as a pioneer of modern African aesthetics. “To me, this image is the most beautiful thing right now. Not the chair, or the background, or the fashion. This image is beautiful because of what it represents: it shows an African artist who has come into his own, found his voice and who is bringing the light of Africa to the world,” says nominator Sunu Gonera.

“For me, Trevor represents the progress that African artists have made on the world stage, how we have brought our unique voices forward, our aesthetic unmistakable, our imperfection part of what it means to be who we are,” Gonera added.

Image Credit: @trevor_stuurman

The Most Beautiful Object in South Africa was put in place to celebrate the diverse opinions of beauty. It is a catalyst for creative debate and connection. Design Indaba invites the public to join the debate and help choose this year’s winner. Vote here.

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