WATCH: Chicken Licken’s Tongue-In-Cheek TVC Brings Back The Fun in Advertising

Generations being one of the country’s most-watched soapies, we think it’s safe to say that most – if not all of us have seen the scene where former leading character Tau Mogale confronts Karabo Moroka about cheating. Years after the release of the episode, a clip of the scene began trending on social media and became a highly used meme.

The scene was brought back to life with a bit of a twist in Chicken Licken’s new humorous TVC. The full TVC made its first appearance on TV towards the end of January, and a shorter clip of the ad showing the Generations scene was released yesterday on Chicken Licken’s official Twitter account, and it’s definitely a current fave!

The full-length advert, titled ‘Everyone’s Talking About It’, shows a man who falls asleep on a couch and then wakes up to various TV channels advertising the same thing – Chicken Licken’s Easy Bucks meal.

Apart from using South African soapie, Generations as a reference, the advert also references Clintele’s funeral policy adverts, well-know film Star Trek, a Nigerian film, wrestling, South African politics and many more.

Watch the TVC here:


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