Casual Sex: Interviews Done Differently

Casual Sex (CSLSX) concerns itself with representing artists in the underground scene. They do this through their unique, documentary-style short videos – which reflects their style as a three-person conglomerate.

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During a sit down with 10and5, they shared that people watch interviews to understand and relate to artists as people; as well as other people. “Casual Sex was created to help artists grow; we help them grow by helping them connect. We believe we can create something integral to the healthy growth of the art scene that supports artists; we want the alternative arts to be made more relevant in South Africa, from the ground-up, ” said CSLSX.

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The group, made up of Louise Bruwer, Robin Molteno, and Josh Rijneke – felt like the media as a whole seemed to lack a sense of internal purpose and artistic direction. “Why should an interview not be a visual experience? Why bother reflecting on beauty with something that isn’t beautiful? Why bother reflecting on something carefully made with something made carelessly? The media itself should be art and treated as such – in production and reception,”

Having released two 12 minute projects already – one with local band, Black Math and another with Le Roux, CSLSX uses quality gear, research, a genuine love for the things created by those they profile and a connection in values, tastes, and ideals.

They explain that the idea was born in a late-night conversation, deep in a recurring rant about the slow death of local underground art/music media.

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“We want the videos we release to activate ideas and teach the viewer about the underground cultures growing around them. The actual interviews – run as informed conversations – already have a natural storyline. Questions aren’t just flung out at the subject; they are live, unscripted responses.”

Recognising and closing the gulf that standard interviews often have, CSLSX uses an immersive and empathetic approach to their work.

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CSLSX’s releases are almost always a secret, but they shared that a ‘tent’ series is in the pipeline: Yndian Mynah, Dangerfields, Julia Robert, and a surprise guest musician, half-naked in a strange place.

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