Contributing Editor, LeloWhatsGood Carves Out Space for an LGBTQ+ Specific V-Day

Joining the 10and5 team as contributing editor this month is DJ, writer, social media manager and founder of VogueNights LeloWhatsGood. 

Through VogueNights – an inclusive, intersectional event and cultural movement that has music, art, and dance at the core of its concept, Lelo provides a safe space for the LGBTQI+ community and serves as a facilitator for queer excellence. 

Image Credit: @blackmilk_za 

This Valentines Day, he will be shining light on Queer Couples who inspire healthy and functional love. In addition, he will be looking at LGBTQI+ icons who he believes are redefining the creator landscape. 

Lelo continues to educate and break down social assumptions, generalizations, and misunderstandings about the queer community both in South Africa and around the world – his work not only focuses on these aspects but also aims to honour and embody queer people and the culture around a world.

Featured Image: @dej_dada

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