The Sneaker Culture at #SAFMW

Think ‘a huddle up of like-minded fashion fanatics, couturiers and ‘ride or die’ devotees of fashion culture itself’. This pretty much sums up this year’s intermix of SAMFW’s jamboree.

SAMFW was attended by several sneakerheads from Nikes Airforce fiends – the guys who hunt classics and to the many who wear sneakers that walk their story. To these folk, sneakers are like music – a prerequisite. Saturday saw loud leathers, valiant contours, color collision, big bubble physique – all in the silhouettes of footwear.

10and5: Why did you pair this sneaker with your outfit? 

“I was trying to pair my pleated skirt with my Wanda Lephoto Tee. I just wanted the colors to pop. I was like ‘I’m wearing my reds, I’m wearing my pinks’ and asked myself what sneaker would work to incorporate everything with the Blue Nike Vapormax.” – @bunduntombi

“I bought these when they dropped. These are Puma x Randomevent’s. When I bought these I was worried about whether it’ll work with my outfit or not.” – @tanaka.bento

“I woke up and felt like it. As for my outfit, black and white comes in easy. It was either I  go hard or I go easy.”- @apeshitog 


10and5: What makes a good sneaker for you?

 “A sneaker where the silhouette best suits my foot shape and these (sneakers) are pretty comfortable. That’s what makes a good sneaker for me.” – @apeshit_kotinyo

10and5: Where do you feel sneaker trends are moving toward now? 

“Nike released a Nike Adapt BB. It ties itself, you literally don’t have to do anything to it. That’s where these (sneaker) trends are heading to. That’s where it’s moving to –  we’re now going digital” – @apeshit_kotinyo

“Nike just released a space hippy collection. It consists of a combo of Nike reacts and Nike Vapormax. I’m really vibing with that. It’s only coming out in Spring 2020 and I’m definitely feeling that.”. – @bunduntombi

10and5: First ever pair of sneakers that you really adored? 

“Loxion Kulca. It was a red one and then I got the white ones.” – @thatblackphoenix

“Vans. The authentics. Growing up I could never afford sneakers. My mom couldn’t buy me sneakers.  I literally used to wear the worst sneakers to school and stayed out when there were civvies days. So when I could finally afford sneakers the first I bought were Vans. They’re still my favorites.” – @tanaka.bento 

10and5: A sneaker that really stands out for you at the moment?

“I really like Airforce 1’s, the Classics. They blend in with everything, they’re dope and they never grow old.”- @_controllaa  

Images shot and edited by @milkandoj /@apeshitoj

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