Vuma Levin Set to Launch 4th Album Titled ‘Antique Spoons’

Born in South Africa and raised during the unstable interregnum years of Post-Apartheid South Africa in 1987, guitarist Vuma Ian Levin is excited to announce the release of Antique Spoons, his 4th album as a bandleader on 29 February at Wits theatre.

The project, which took almost two years to compose, explores the black, post-apartheid South African self through the prism of the everyday story. The telling of these stories reveal deeper truths about race, power, belonging, migration, love, loss, memory and the human condition.

The music itself draws on a host of influences including traditional Southern African music, Karnatic music, and contemporary jazz to name a few. To create the project, Levin has collaborated with the incredible visual artist Lisolomzi Pikoli, music expert Cara Stacey, photographer Lauren Mulligan, filmmakers Dylan Valley, Jurgen Meekel and his Amsterdam based quintet, Xavi Torres Vicente, Bernard van Rossum, Marco Zenini and Jeroen Batterink.

The performance will be interdisciplinary in orientation, involving some of the popular artists Levin has worked with such as photographer Lauren Mulligan and filmmakers Dylan Valley, Jurgen Mekeel, and Nobunye Levin.

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