Unknown Union|A Short Film Capturing & Celebrating Love

Zimbabwe-born Afro-Soul artist, Berita and director Makere Thekiso have teamed up again to put together a body of work titled Unknown Union, the short a film version of Ndicel’ikiss. Unknown Union is set to redefine how audiences view African spaces as it captures and celebrates the ambiguity that is love.

The opening scene of the short film shows Berita visiting her lover (who battles with committing to one person ) and reads her a love note celebrating love. Even though love may look perfect at first, the visuals relay the story of a love that is tried and tested. Berita is pulled towards opposite ends by two men in her life and her lover struggles to soothe her frustrations.

When commenting on the visuals present in the short film, director Makere Thekiso explains: “Unknown Union tells a story that many couples can relate to from the jump, the need to find the balance to nurture love and companionship while fiercely pursuing one’s own selfish needs.

It is also a journey that places us in the simple everyday expressions of love, whether it is through a soft kiss on the forehead shared between lovers having a picnic or walking towards each other to share an embrace.”

Captured in the signature ‘Mekiro Thekiso’ style and alongside co-writer Onkabetswe Mtsheweni, the trio have again given a new light to what can be described as an Afrovisual movement that seeks to redefine the African narrative, diaspora and how we to tell our own stories.

Watch the short film here. 


Production Company: @CallabackDreams
Director: @crossmakere
Lead: @BeritaAfroSoul
Co-writer: @Onkabetse_mtshweni

Between 10 and 5