Nando’s Clout Fires Up The Ravi Naidoo Residency for Emerging Creatives

To mark the 25th anniversary of the renowned Design Indaba Conference, the Nando’s Design Programme, Clout, has honoured the founder of this world-class event, Ravi Naidoo, with an annual residency programme in his name. The announcement of the new Ravi Naidoo Residency for Emerging Creatives was made at the recent Design Indaba Conference, which took place from 26-28 February 2020 at the Artscape Theatre Centre in Cape Town, and was broadcast via simulcast to Johannesburg, Durban, Potchefstroom, Port Elizabeth, Namibia and Nairobi.

This year, and each year going forward, Clout will select one stand-out creative from the Design Indaba Emerging Creatives class of that year to be the recipient of this Residency. The Design Indaba Emerging Creatives is a longstanding programme spearheaded by Design Indaba and supported by the Department of Arts and Culture. Each year, they select a class of 50 successful applicants who receive a plethora of support, advice and benefits from the Design Indaba.

Now, this support programme will be further enhanced by the addition of the annual Residency. The Design Indaba Emerging Creatives is a seamless fit with Clout’s existing developmental activities, which also focus heavily on growing young local talent. To date, Clout has staged two Hot Young Designer Talent Search competitions and a third edition is planned in 2020. Clout also provides ongoing industry assistance in the form of business development support, which helps guide rising designers in growing their businesses.

For the first time ever, one of the Design Indaba Emerging Creatives will win an all-expenses-paid Residency abroad.

This designer-in-residence programme will give the selected designer the opportunity to live and work outside of their usual environment, providing them with time to reflect, research, or produce work. During the Residency, the chosen designer will be able to not only explore new locations, but also discover different cultures while experimenting with fresh materials and techniques. The ultimate aim is to grow the individual and, in so doing, grow the industry itself as a whole.

Naidoo was invited up onto the Design Indaba Conference stage by Nando’s to hand over the prize to the winning Emerging Creative. This year’s designer-in-residence winner was chosen by a panel comprising industry specialists from the Nando’s world, members of the Design Indaba team and independent creative specialists.

For 2020, Mmamotsatsi Masike was announced as the winner of the Residency. Masike is an aspiring interior and furniture designer from Johannesburg. She describes herself as a design-crazed creative enthusiast. She’s a chronic believer in creating conducive sacred spaces and pairing them up with tailor-made furniture pieces.

She is currently employed as a spatial planner at Cecil Nurse and is also a part-time freelance designer, she recently opened her own furniture design studio called ‘Design Muse’. This new Residency will allow her to embark on a life-changing journey.

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