Black Sheep Consortium Releases Second Installment titled ‘I Am The Gift’

Visual and journalistic consortium, Black Sheep, delves deep into taboo, nuanced and contemporary stories of Africa’s youth. Black Sheep includes Journalist, author and documentarian Cristina Karrer, television producer, content producer and researcher Antoinette Mokgohloa, and Avant-garde artist, producer and multimedia specialist A.L.V.

After the successful premiere of the chanel on 18 December 2019 with the release of the first installment, the collection has recently released their second installment titled ‘I am the gift’.

Treasures are made from the hands of those that stand on the mountain top and observe the bones of ancestral teachings, on this mountain of imagination, creates a person with an extraordinary gift, that can look beyond the horizon and preach the praise of prophecy. Msongelwa “Salamantation” Nhlapo, as both a man and potential prophet stands on such a mountain and represents the blending of the old and the new, using the method of Sangoma tradition to offer guidance and situating the Bible as an African foundation for divination, announcing with incredible zeal that “I am the gift”.

Through the production and coordination of Antoinette Mokgohloa, and through the journalistic engagement of Cristina Karrer, The Black Sheep Second Installment brings to life the journey, path and teachings of such a man and showcases the traditional method of ‘The Gift’, the teachings and practise of his insights through his understanding of ‘The Ancestors’, his patient’s journey to remedy her father’s death through dealing with ‘The Knife’ and Salamantation’s reading of both Antoinette and Cristina’s unconscious archetypes in ‘The Dream’.

The Black Sheep Consortium: Second Installment

Production Credits:

Directors: Cristina Karrer and Antoinette Mokgohloa

Producer and Coordinator: Antoinette Mokgohloa

Journalists and Interviewers: Cristina Karrer and Antoinette Mokgohloa

Cinematographer and Camera Operator: Cristina Karrer

Editor: A.L.V

Sound Engineering and Design: A.L.V

Distributor: Antoinette Mokgohloa


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