The Future of Women at Work: Witchery Launches the First-ever Women-only Workspace in Johannesburg

Ahead of International Women’s Day on 08 March 2020, Witchery honoured and upheld the values of the modern woman with the first womxn-only co-working space in South Africa.  The Witchery Workspace launched 05 March 2020, forming a new type of work setting designed with women in mind.

Female professionals are given a platform and resources to incubate and materialise their ideas while connecting to a diverse community of like-minded women. It is a place with a quiet simplicity where women are invited to let go of stress and self-doubt. Combining warmth and intimacy, the Witchery Workspace is a place to work while rebalancing and elevating energies

Collaboration lies at the heart of the Witchery Workspace as the brand partners with womxn to create this magical and opulent experience. The first in a series of inspiring collaborators is a luxury lifestyle and hospitality specialist, Maira Koutsoudakis. Founder and CEO of Life Interiors Architecture Strategic Design, Koutsoudakis brings the space to life with feminine touches, bursts of soft pink and sophisticated finishes, to lift an everyday experience to the extraordinary.

Visitors can expect a series of unique events with guest speakers, curated content and special experiences in this exclusive space. Complimentary bubbly, delicious all-day coffee, inspiring books for (and by) women, healthy snacks and beautiful stationery makes for perfect productivity.

A meeting place of like minds, new friends and creative collaborators, the workspace will be made available for eight weeks. Cape Town can expect the Witchery Workspace in August 2020.

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