Fresh Meat: Morgane Lamport

LISOF Fashion Design graduate, Morgane Lamport creates edgy designs that address current issues. She draws inspiration from her surroundings and creates designs for young fashion-forward creatives stuck between adulthood and the frenzy of adolescence.

Image Credit: Supplied

Tell us about your creative background; when and how did it begin?

I guess that I was born with it and I was encouraged from a young age to embrace my creativity. I basically grew up around people that were passionate about arts and crafts. As a child, I had a special sketchbook where I would draw dresses and I still have it to this day. My mother is the one who really influenced me to get into arts and later fashion. She used to sew and would always make me a new dress when we had family gatherings or parties. It was a thing of why buy it when we could make it yourself and make it better at the same time so I realised that conformity was not for me, I strived to be different and experimental with my clothes.

Briefly tell us about your designs – how would you describe them?

I would like to believe that my designs are innovative. I do not want people to feel like they’ve never seen something similar before, I want to shock them in that way and show the people that fashion is still about innovation and discovery. I mean why would you design something that has already been done? I also see my designs as being very feminine, inspiring and light-hearted to some extent. Designing gives me joy and I want people to feel that joy. However, I do try to address societal issues through my designs like the way that women are seen by society.

Who are some of your influences in the fashion and design industry?

At the moment I am obsessed with Jacquemus, I mean if you haven’t seen their 10th-anniversary show in a lavender field you are missing out. I am just really impressed by their designs that are really subtle and chic, even though it’s far from my own personal aesthetic. I just love the overall aesthetic and presence of Jacquemus and Simon Porte Jacquemus himself who remains extremely humble. I also recently discovered this new designer Piero D’Angelo who grows his clothes. He combined fashion and biotechnology to create clothes that are living organisms. This gives me faith in the new generation of fashion designers who strive to fight against
pollution and global warming and it inspires me to become one of those designers who are making a difference.

What are some of your favourite fashion trends?

I love power suits and power shoulders. I literally lost it when neon did a comeback, I love neon everything. Overalls are also my new favourite things.

Can you share some of the projects you have worked on? Which one was your favourite and why?

I recently graduated and I am just starting as a designer, but I am currently working on a debut collection that I will showcase at the Hennessy Fashion Week in Mauritius, inspired by the Capital of my home country; Mauritius. I am really enjoying the process and being able to reconnect with my origins. For my graduate collection, I designed a collection inspired by The Female Gaze – in my designs I wanted to challenge the male gaze and the way women are perceived by society. This collection is dear to my heart cause it touches an issue that we are all suffering from as women.

What has your experience as a student has been like and what are some of the valuable lessons you learned along the way?

My experience as a student started pretty badly, during my first year as a fashion design student, I wanted to drop everything. I felt like I was being forced into a box and that I was not allowed to flourish. It was really not what I expected, it was painful for me to go to lectures and have to face the toxic competition that was prevailing there. But it did get better and I ended making friends for life but fashion design is not easy. It is actually really hard and you don’t expect it to be so hard. I mean, during my last year of studies, we would go through weeks with only 10 hours of sleep. But if it is your passion and it makes you feel complete then you don’t give up. You need to do the work, it’s not going to be easy but it will be worth it in the end. That’s the lesson that I learned.

What is it that excites you about the South African creative and fashion industry?

I love the way that South African creatives are telling their stories through different mediums. I am excited to see what’s more to come because there are still so many creatives in South Africa that are still to be discovered and have their work shown to the world.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years?

I don’t see myself as the new Alexander McQueen but I am Morgane Lamport and I want to bring my personal touch and aesthetic to the fashion industry. So in terms of 10 years, I hope will be known in the fashion world and my work will be appreciated around the world. My designs will keep on evolving and I will only make ethical and sustainable products. I also want to have a small workshop on the beach where the magic happens.

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