Four Businesses in Khayelitsha doing it #4theKulture

A 40-minute trip out of Cape Town CBD takes you to Khayelitsha; one of Cape Town’s many townships that hold the city’s novel history, but also home to many erudite creatives. With this, you see the many entrepreneurs who run their businesses with an incredible zeal and streak for their community.  Entrepreneurship seems to be a surviving tool in these spaces as it has shown the youth more life beyond their ruinous surroundings.

We list 4 Khayelitsha businesses working at shaping their community.

Fine Dining in Khayelitsha 

While some Capetonian restaurants invite you on a journey to Italy or to a beachfront in some Californian restaurant, 4roomed eKasi Restaurant delivers an authentic South African Experience. Former MasterChef South Africa contestant Abigail Mbalo-Mokoena birthed 4rooms and pays homage to the 4roomed family home she grew up in. Abigail and her team serve a five-course tasting menu, some that consist of smoked chicken breast served alongside grilled vegetables, sausage, charred leeks, house-made BBQ, and chakalaka sauce. All this in the renovated driveway of a township home, surrounded by plant aesthetic and local art. 

A Coffee Shop for Social Thought and Integration

Coffee culture has grown rapidly bringing together a collective of ‘java’ groupies. Next door to the first-ever coffee shop in Khayelitsha (Department of Coffee), Sikis Koffee Kafe has made grabbing a good cup of coffee a ‘thing’ in the township. Founder ‘Siki’ Sikelela Dibela opened his coffee shop in his mother’s garage after many years of working in the coffee industry and has now created a space for all cultures and creatives to rub shoulders over an Americano or two. Sikis Koffee’s has it’s very own special blend made up of 70% specialty beans and 30% Arabica beans, all African and all local in an attempt to grow the economy of the continent.

Khayelitsha’s finest wines: Changing Narratives

Not everyone is privileged enough to take a day trip to a picturesque wine farm and spend the day documenting their experience on IG.

Khayelitsha has brought their very own Khayelisha’s Finest Wines for everyone to indulge in. Lindile Ndzaba spent ten years working in the hospitality industry and saw a gap that needed to be filled. KFW works at serving the community something unique as they source small batches of high-quality wines from different wine farms. Their wines are currently produced by The Fledge and Co in Calitzdorp. Ndzaba’s vision for KFW is to see townships develop and have their own resources to make products without outsourcing.

Bringing ‘Green’ food choices to eKasi 

Young entrepreneur ‘Spinach King’ Lufefe Nomjana started out with only R40 and is now the owner of a successful business with a range of bakeries, eateries and a food delivery service. Back in 2012, he volunteered at the community garden where he found a huge piece of unused spinach crop and so his journey began. The first Spinach King establishment ran from a green converted shipping container in the heart of Khayelitsha and was expanded into a second sitdown eatery offering sandwiches, baked goods, and soups, all based around spinach. Nomjana has managed to integrate healthy food alternatives while working as a role model for other budding entrepreneurs in his community.

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