Naledy The Activist on Radical Feminism

A safe space, an educative picturesque book and a liberating display of pro-nudism. All this describes Social Justice activist, Naledy Selepe’s Instagram feed. Naledy The Activist explores issues of gender, sexuality and social related issues.

“I gained interest in women and gender/sexuality issues when I knew of the late womanist and feminist, Audre Lorde. I witnessed the struggle, pain and social exclusion of women. Before, I always thought analytically about gender-based struggles, even in our society, without a thorough understanding and acceptance.”

Selepe works at normalising the suppressive social and cultural rules governing male and female nudity – while opening a door for a diverse conversation about the many functions and formations of the nude body.

She says the meaning to what she portrays is that ‘the flesh of women can cause troubles, it seems, whenever and however it is revealed’. With that, Naledy stands to break down these societal-mental barriers to create more spaces of haven. 

“What you see on my Instagram is nudism expressing body politics – emphasizing the power society has by regulating the female body and the struggle over the degree of individual and social control of the body.”

As a first-year student at AFDA Johannesburg, the artist dabbles in film and cinematography to bring forth stories told with intent while evoking underlying emotions.

Image Credit: Supplied

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