My Top 5 Favourite Art Pieces | Lebogang Mbewe

East Rand based multi-disciplinary designer Lebogang Mbewe also known as ‘Budd’ is a self-taught artist who seeks to push the envelope by exploring a combination of different mediums to create pieces that are layered with depth and meaning.

Mbewe, an architectural designer by profession has blended her passion and interest in visual art with her love for problem-solving and complex details. Her architectural background heavily influences her visual aesthetic; she is drawn to intricate details, geometric forms, and layered visuals. She creates with the intention of evoking her viewer’s emotions. This manifests through experimenting with various line types and line weights, as well as textures and colour palettes to express the subject at hand.

Here, we take a look at five of Mbewe’s personal favourite creations and the story behind each piece.

One day It’ll All Make Sense

One Day It Will All Make Sense is a manipulated self-portrait that reflects on trying to remain present while navigating through grief and growing pains. The aesthetic was developed through principles of deconstructivism which are expressed through complex lines, geometries, and textures. The combination of light and dark is an articulation of the duality that exists between gratitude and loss.”

Ode To An Identity Crisis

“This series has been essential in discovering my truth, and how that informs my design approach. The images were developed as a response to a design brief in my 3rd year of architecture. These are visual impressions of my journey as the daughter of a healer and teacher, and having internalized values of empathy and compassion.”

A New Dawn

“This illustration is a self-portrait that explores spirituality through symbolism. It also gives nuances to a colour palette that mimics the energy that comes with the full moon. The full moon is symbolic of the divine feminine energy, reflection, a new cycle, and intention. This is a visual impression of the distortion between reality and imagination. Everything feels heightened and perceptions are often illuminated and exposed during this phase.”

Come Back to Earth

“The Mac Mac Miller portrait titled ‘Come Back to Earth’ is a piece of fan art that was created with the intention of expressing the loss felt by his followers across the globe. We all really feel like he left too soon. This piece attempts to express his aura and sincerity. In ‘Keep Floatin’ he says “ I bring some colour to a world that’s filled with shades of grey” and that’s really the energy I felt compelled to capture.”

Out Of The Ordinary

“Visually, the piece colours in and out of traditional collages. It seeks to redefine the medium through a digital technique that encompasses digital impressions of watercolour paint and illustrations with expressed linework. Although the subjects and elements in the illustrations can easily be identified, it remains an abstract piece of art.”

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