Streetwear Brand, MISUNDERSTOOD’s Recent Collection Shines Light on Mental Illness

MISUNDERSTOOD is a Cape Town-based clothing brand and streetwear movement founded in 2015 by then marketing student, Xolani Nojekwa. The brand aims to encourage the youth to strive for greatness regardless of society’s perception and influence. It achieves this by reflecting on groups that are often judged, mislead and taken for granted.

MISUNDERSTOOD’s multiple collections include a range of caps/hats, T-shirts, shirts, tracksuit sets, and sweatshirts, to name a few.

Their latest collection, titled ‘You.Are.Not.Alone’ (YANA), was released in 2018. The collection is inspired by mental health issues, the brand explored the topic which is far too often considered a ‘taboo topic’. Through this collection, the brand worked towards raising mental health awareness.

In 2019, the streetwear brand re-released the You.Are.Not.Alone collection and ran a mental health campaign by dropping multiple T-shirts and hosting an event, called ‘YANA social’, which focused on live performances and mental health talks.

Image Credits: Supplied.

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