Creatives Worth Checking Out: Visual Artist Tanika Cronje

Tanika Cronje, also known as Sister Sphynx, is an artist, illustrator and graphic designer based in Cape Town. While Cronje enjoys experimenting with a variety of mediums, most of her illustration work is rendered digitally.

Drawing inspiration from anything and everything, Cronje uses character design to create illustrations of plants, flowers, animals (particularly cats), outer space, and more recently alien creatures.

Some of her artistic influences in the online creative community include
Nadia Axel, Cosmic spectrum, Jacquelin de Leon, 10 hundred, slew, and local artists such as Pony of the Sea and her partner, tattoo artist Rico Swanepoel. The illustrator also includes her father, who is also an artist and a cartoonist, as her inspiration and driving force.

Through her fun-filled, colourful illustrations, Cronje aims to communicate – to artists and non-artists, that art should be a projection of one’s true self and staying true to who you really are. “The message I wish to create through my art is to just do what makes you happy and stay true to yourself. To other artists, I say, create whatever you feel like creating and don’t succumb to the pressures of creating a certain kind of art or style because society says ‘this is what gets likes’ when (maybe) that doesn’t feel right for you,” she shares.

Cronje shares that her artistic style continues to evolve as she grows as an artist. “The work I create and my style is forever evolving as I grow as a person. My goal is to constantly keep challenging myself and my art. I love learning new techniques and styles. The best is still yet to come I believe, as my career is still taking off.” she adds.

Connect with her on IG and Dribbble.

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