OLEBILE (He is Watching): A Project Looking Into African Exclusion

OLEBILE (He is Watching) is a project created with the intention of addressing the unnoticed aspects within society. It intends to show the existence of African exclusion in the world.

The project aims to tackle and bring to light the idea that African bodies tend to be appreciated when they are needed or used as models or used in a show targeted at racially privileged groups, however, when the images are as raw as they could possibly get, black groups are no longer needed, or rather, sidelined.

In this project, creative director and photographer, Bokang Motshabi uses overcast shadows, a slightly rested middle finger, a Korean hat and a white cloth which are all significant to the message being communicated.

The Asian cultural hat is used to portray the differences between appreciation and appropriation. Appropriation can only be identified if the racial group is a minority and has been excluded for its practices.

The items and body language used in the photographic project brings the viewer back to the main point of it being about purity and appropriation.


Bokang Motshabi – Creative direction + Photography
Kgotso Modikoe – Assistant Photographer
Siyamthanda Mnkecele – Modelling

Between 10 and 5