A Look at Adam Ownly’s ‘Inspired by the 90’s’ Illustration Project

Johannesburg-based designer, Adam Ownly tapped into South Africa’s love for classic, old school vehicles to create a 90’s inspired illustration project. The project, titled ‘Inspired by the 90’s’ includes illustrations of a selection of the country’s most favoured and iconic vehicles, such as a BMW 325IS, better known as ‘igusheshe’.

Gush Gush

“IGush Gush, Gusheshe, Gush lama genge, Themba lama Gumusha. The BMW 325IS an iconic symbol for the 90’s baby a total superhero of our times.”

14 Patja

“The Nissan 1400, 14 Patja Patja, Iconic and a true testament that dynamite comes in small packages.”


“Idombolo, the Mazda 323, a community staple back in the day if you lived in the 90’s you must have a memorable experience about this car.”

Jumbo Selection

“Jumbo Selection, known by abc malume i2020 the predecessor of Vrrr phaaas, a personal favourite and all-time kasi classics Golf GTI 16V.”


“The tiny classic Nanana a whimsical and unique car that graced our childhoods as 90’s babies.”

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