#COVID-19: How SA Brands Are Connecting With Their Consumers Through Online Engagement

The COVID-19 crisis has called for brands to now find new ways to interact with their communities and audience. Everything has moved online, in this vein, brands have taken this time to keep engaging with their audience in new and innovative ways. They’ve now taken a pulse of their audience’s interests and used social media as their home base for interaction.

See how they have gone about changing their strategies and creative output in this era of COVID-19:

The Standard Bank Art Gallery recently closed, but now – with a virtual tour – art lovers are still able to get a peek at the gallery’s offerings. The gallery is currently exhibiting the #LumieresDAfriques exhibition, an internationally acclaimed project by African Artists for Development (AAD) and presents 54 unique artworks, each created by an artist from a different African country under the theme of ‘The Light of Africa”. To view the galleries #LumieresDAfriques exhibition click here.

The business pioneers of ethical Fashion, SA Fashion Week delivers the best of the designer community, telling stories on and off the runway – corona or not. They’ve introduced segments of weekly stories where designers talk about their brands, the effects of COVID-19 on their businesses and how they work around that. Check out their Facebook and Instagram Page for a weekly dose of insight.

To kill lockdown boredom, local and pre-eminent film producing agency, Videovision Entertainment has made available a selection of South African films produced by the company for free online viewing. You can stream classics like Sarafine, Red Dust and many more. Stream here.

Aloe Aloe music brings sounds for the mind, heart, and soul. Listen to live performances in the comfort of your own home via Youtube and Instagram Live every day of the week. With this, they’ve created a platform for musicians to still make a buck here and there during the lockdown. Donate where you can or catch a vibe-or-two when you tune in.

In these trying times, G-Star RAW stepped up to spread its brand statement worldwide. On the 3rd of April, G-Star hosted a virtual fashion show on their Instagram page aimed at connecting and entertaining their audience. 25 influencers from ten different countries were asked to record themselves modeling the brand merch.

A studio is a sacred place’ is an online exhibition and presentation by artists who have studios at the August House. This is their response to the current lockdown and having to cancel open studios due to the virus. It’s an opportunity for the audience to experience and buy new works. August House will launch this initiative on Tuesday 14 April at 10 am. 

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