South Africans Abroad: Meet Jay Carson

Jay Carson from Pretoria is a New York-based Global Brand Communicator and Specialist, founder of a social-cultural research project called ‘Township Rockstar’ and youth organization, ‘Amen Club’ – an initiative aimed at improving the quality of local communities and the nation.

Carson continuously makes global strides and pays it forward through his passion for youth development. He is currently on a mission to raise 10 million rands for his project through a partnership with a multi-billion dollar computer company, Cisco.

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Amen Club provides 26 kids from ages 15 – 23 a chance to participate in a choir, helping them to make their mark in the entertainment industry. They train them to create high-level professional content and aim to protect the poor, unemployed and elderly from effects caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Their performance was featured on SABC 3’s Afternoon Express and they also performed at Africa Rising International Film Festival.

Township Rockstar has created content for reputable brands such as Puma North America, New Balance, Sneaker Lab, and Simon & Mary. Made an appearance on Sway In The Morning and GQ Magazine. Jay Carson is currently working with visual artist, Shantell Martin and their work was presented at an art event in Chicago known as HOW Design Live and The American Society Of Interior Design.

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“South Africa is a country with some of the worst levels of youth unemployment. I’m creating programs that can encourage, nurture, and have the first contact with emerging township youth, whilst giving them much-needed experience, and high profile portfolio work in the industry. There has been an outcry about ‘opening up to the industry’. Township Rockstar is the solution to this outcry by educating the world about prevalent lifestyles in South Africa through presenting a different perspective. We portray where city modern life infuses with the township life, illustrating contemporary culture through visual arts, photography, fashion & music.” he says.

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