Filmmaker & Photographer Camilla Molzahn Lets Us Inside Her Virtual World

Camilla Molzahn plays around with whimsical contrasts to lead you to a whole new virtual world. The Cape-Town based photographer and filmmaker applies mystic editing to match her complex interests in the spectrum of creation. Growing up ‘the strange girl’ among peers gave birth to the self-explorational artist she is today. “Many did not agree with the things I said, believed and liked. Which is the quintessential for most creatives. By being creative, I was free to communicate whatever I thought and felt.”

A young and anomalous Camilla back then, had an impulse to study quantum mechanics, cosmology and psychology and always had a curious nature about the deeper workings of existence. Her wandering mind lead her to seek answers to bearing questions. She was somewhat of an existential being, creating her own realities and exploring realms of other worlds. 

“There are no limitations when it comes to the mind and imagination. We are all multidimensional beings and anything is possible”. Camilla’s creative aesthetic is linked to her admiring obsession with fantasy and fiction, such as Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, and animations. Much like her, these fiction series could stretch the imagination and dive into magical terrene.  

While working magic and illuminating fantasies behind the camera, Camilla does just as much justice posing as a muse in front of the camera “ I am essentially my own guinea pig, but instead of being a subject to horrific experiments, I indulge in some ego-boosting vanity. Having said that, I still prefer to be behind the lens.”

When not behind the camera, the artist extends herself to another love, music. The amalgamation of music and photography allows her art to exist in new ways. “Sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch is that which allows us to perceive our reality. Most art is primarily experienced through sight and sound, yet I believe that sound allows for a significantly more meaningful and personal experience. This is why I find music to be the most fulfilling form of art. I am trained in classical piano and assume that this awoke my tremendous appreciation for this art form. Music is a universal language.”

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