10and5 Webinar Talks Presents: ‘A Lockdown is Not a Barrier to Creativity’ in Collaboration with Lampost Productions

The lockdown has given permission to many of our photographers to spend time on their passion projects, honing in on their conceptual thinking and upskilling themselves in unexpectedly creative ways. 

For our second webinar this year, we joined forces with Lampost Productions to find out how their photographers have used this time to boost sanity through their passion projects.

Chris Saunders, Lesedi Mothoagae, Justin Dingwall and Bianca Theron will share some of the work created during the lockdown – with the aim of inspiring their counterparts and document what is currently happening in the country and abroad.

Meet the Speakers:

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Lesedi Mothoagae

A rising star of South African photography, Lesedi Mothoagae has spent five years working his way up through the ranks, being mentored by some of SA’s great talent such as photographers Ross Garrett, Sacha Waldman and Chris Saunders. This former award winner for Best Visual Techniques at the University of Johannesburg is now a firm favourite of the advertising industry and celebrity Ricky Rick. Lesedi’s passion for visual communication is felt not only in photography but in film, and a soon-to-be-released movie he is writing, directing and shooting. Much like his photographic work, the film is a personal one and pays homage to his upbringing and environment.

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Bianca Theron

Bianca Theron’s photographs are complex studies in simplicity. Her work focuses on the essentials of her subjects, allowing beautiful lighting and simple composition to draw the viewer in for another look. Bianca is inspired by innovation, emotion, and energy, and approaches each shoot with careful planning and a clear vision of the final outcome. Having carved out a successful career in still life, fashion brands and cosmetics, Bianca’s work on hair campaigns has made her a favourite of client L’OrĂ©al.

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Justin Dingwall

With an eye for the unusual and a passion for exploring unconventional subjects, Justin Dingwall’s photographs have gained wide acclaim for their powerful composition and emotional resonance. His professional photographic career began after he graduated cum laude from the Pretoria Technikon Arts Campus. While making his name as a commercial and fine art photographer, Justin has won numerous awards including a gold in the Fujifilm Awards for portraiture.

Image Copyright Chris Saunders (www.chrissaunders.co)

Chris Saunders

A photographer and director, Chris Saunders’s work is typically vibrant, fresh, appealing and experimental, with a characteristic “street” quality and engaging humour. Hailing from a background in fashion photography, Chris increasingly approaches all his projects from the standpoint of a visual storyteller. He seeks to create realistic, believable characters from all walks of life, and uses a considered, research-driven process to build authentic, emotionally stirring stories in visual media.

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