Studio H Launches G.URL GANG MONDAYS & List Of Operating Food Businesses During Lockdown

While the lockdown is necessary to ensure public safety against COVID-19, the effects of this could leave a highly negative effect on the restaurant industry in South Africa. As all non-essential services have been suspended, there’s been an incredible wave of innovation from some businesses across the country as they reposition their offerings as food suppliers and apply for permits to remain open. 

In an effort to support independently-owned food businesses operating during lockdown, culinary-minded team, Studio H has compiled a list of businesses on their radar. As a nod to their FOOD XX sisters, the brand has marked all women-owned businesses with an asterisk.

In addition to this list, Studio H has launched G.URL GANG MONDAYS, a live Zoom webcast hosted every Monday. The webcast features individuals within the food industry who partner up to chat about the effects of COVID-19 on their business and what they’ve done and continue to do to reinvent their business models.

Check out their IG for more information.

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