10 South African Interior and Decor Brands To Keep Your Eye On

As a subcategory for Interior design. Home decor is the art and science behind decorating, furnishing and designing both the interior and exterior of a space. The main goal for this would be to achieve an aesthetic that not only looks appealing but is also functional. Some would say that their home or business space is an extension of themselves, where you recognize your extended style and concepts coming together.

From the trendy Scandinavian-inspired designs to the restored pieces that stay rooted in African bequest, we’ve put together a list of 10 South African Home Decor brands to keep your eye on.

Cecile and Boyd’s is nothing short of amazing. It’s Durban and Cape Town stores inspire the principle and movement of ‘Hight Art of Living’.. The company is steered by its attention to detail and is fascinated with curating comfortable environments that allow for creativity. Taking a walk through their stores will bring feelings of nostalgia – the good type – as if you’re in your own home or better – your dream home.

Renee Rossouw Studio is a self-expressive display of owner, artist, and architect Renee Rossouw’s venture with patterns, products, murals, and art. The designer has curated works for many major brands such as IKEA, Nandos, and Mr. Price Home to name a few. The color-fixated and bold geometrics beams through her artworks and is distinctly converged into her home decor and architectural practices. A Rossouw 100% Wool cushion made from cut-off rugs is the perfect piece to light up a minimalistic room.

A family business deeply rooted and nurtured in the dusty town of Rustenberg, Northwest, Lulasclan is best at design, craftsmanship, and storytelling. Textile Designer and Founder, Bonolo Helen Chepape is at the standpoint of documenting and preserving her heritage and cultural backgrounds – and more so continuing to cultivate the brand. Lulasclan is the go-to for bespoke treatures while providing New-African Decor, Textile Design & Creative Consultancy. They work with the best local suppliers to digitally print their scatter cushions and fabrics using eco-solvent inks. 

Amongst SA’s top-notch home-decor players, Leg Studio’s aesthetic is a meeting between unique African texture and the bold simplicity of Scandinavian design. At the core focus of installation design, they serve a collection of quirky, contemporary, on-trend furniture smalls and lifestyle accents – all this for a local and international clientele.

Interior design studio, Egg Designs hold a unique African dialogue. Founded by South Africans and life partners, Greg and Roche Dry – Egg carries modern luxurious expression while still keeping to the spirited blend of heritage, passion, meaning, and Afro-soul. The brand serves the international customer an African experience and resonance – taking African contemporary inspired designs around the world for a wider audience to recognize. 

Telling South African stories through the medium of design, Founder Thabisa Mjo, aims to put Mash.T Design Studios on the global map. Mash T. has showcased globally at exhibitions such as Milan Design Week 2019, 100% Design UK and currently has products represented at the Bonne Esperance Gallery in Paris. Thabisa is best known for designing the winning, Tutu 2.0 light, which was inspired by xibelani skirts worn by Xitsonga women. This was after she won the Nando’s “2015 Nando’s Hot Young Designer” competition.

Haldane Martine Design specializes in outdoor furniture design. Notably, Founder and Design Icon, Haldane Martine focuses on the core of innovative designs. His work enhances a space, making it more of an experience than anything. It’s a presentation of original spaces with bold identity. Haldane himself aims to express identity and the zeitgeist of the day through statement pieces that still carry a minimalist approach. 

Cape-Town based interior brand, Bofred Studio is a product of contemporary design and curated art. Established by Christa Botha and Carla Erasmus, Bofred reflects the fine arts with liner shapes, colors and rich textures of natural hand-crafted materials. They feature locally produced custom collections of furniture, lighting, and art. Their philosophy captures a timeless array of elements but still equally embodies the current design trends. 

Joe Paine is a Johannesburg based furniture design label embellishing spaces of different spheres with their specialty in outdoor applications, plants, and birdlife. Brainchild behind the self-named label, Joe Paine launched the brand in 2008 winning an Elle Decoration International Design Award the same year for the much loved Kreep planter.

At Angles+Earth you’ll grasp a significant sense of how mother nature’s accents and decor meet. The Cape-Town based plant decor store takes glass, functional design and little parts of nature to create new landscapes, known as terrariums. Terrariums are grown in their glass homes with every plant hand-picked and every piece of glass cut and soldered by hand. Angles+Earth revolves around the medium of glass and micro-environments simply explaining the process saying “We don’t pot plants in pots, we house landscapes in geometric glass”. These terrariums serve as striking decor pieces, pushing boundaries with two-dimensional and third-dimensional art form.

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