Nick Ntuli Creates Illustrations Inspired by The Slums of Cato Manor, Durban

Raised in the slums of Cato Manor, Durban – where residents live with their families in makeshift houses referred to as ‘shacks’ or ‘umjondolo’, illustrator, Nick Ntuli grew inspired and influenced by his surroundings, street culture and street knowledge to create work that best portrays this part of Durban.

“Desperate people, coming from rural [areas] to seek jobs and a better life in the city, would collect materials like planks, plastic, rusty zinc sheets and basically anything they can find to build a shack to shield themselves. This is most inspirational when creativity is used out of absolute necessity and driven by a sheer will to survive. These are the wonders of my world, and it’s such unique stories, Kasi stories, that I try to incorporate into my artwork.”

This was the outcome of fusing this into illustration:

Between 10 and 5