Pip&Husk Studio Owner On Using Design As a Tool to Promote Sustainability

As climate change and sustainability have become important topics that individuals and brands are engaging with, graphic designer and business owner, Jaymee Roodt has made the decision to create eco-friendly work and use design as a tool to promote environmental consciousness. As a creative, Roodt recognises the platform she and many others have to call for change.

In 2019, the graphic designer founded Pip&Husk, a branding and design studio that creates vibrant, aesthetically pleasing work that reflects Roodt’s bubbly personality. The studio aims to inspire clients to take a more eco-friendly route by using sustainable alternatives such as printing on recycled paper, using environmentally safe inks or ensuring that there are benefits to making packaging reusable.

Roodt chats to 10and5 about her newly found eco-friendly studio:

When and how was Pip&Husk founded?

In my final year of studying I made a decision that I wanted to be my own girl boss; I wanted to create a brand that truly represented me as a person. Fast forward to December 2019 when I made the leap to start Pip&Husk. My mission for Pip&Husk is to work towards designing and creating environmentally-conscious designs inspired by my love for nature. I was fortunate enough to be brought up around wildlife and taught about our planet and the importance of preserving our wildlife and their eco-systems.

Another key aspect that inspired Pip&Husk was the importance of supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs. Growing up in a small farming community showed me just how important it was to support local businesses. Everyone just needs someone to show their business love in order for it to one day grow into something big. What I want for Pip&Husk is for it to be the first stepping stone for entrepreneurs and small businesses to achieve their goals through beautiful design and considered branding.

Briefly elaborate on the type of work the studio specializes in and the work you create.

Pip&Husk specialises in designing the perfect elements that make a brand pop. From finding the perfect colour palette to creating beautiful digital illustrations, the work designed by Pip&Husk is aesthetically pleasing and leaves a lasting impression, while promising to keep sustainable design at the forefront.

Tell us about the importance of creating environmentally-friendly work and your decision to create work of this nature?

One of the most important topics that is being discussed around the world is climate change and I believe that creatives have the means to communicate the importance of changing our lifestyle for the better of the planet. My decision to create work that is environmentally friendly is so that I can help brands and businesses see that there are alternative ways of promoting their business/product. With more and more creatives making work that is environmentally friendly, recyclable and non-plastic, the more businesses will see how easy it is to become more environmentally conscious, and will hopefully start taking those small steps with us.

How do you incorporate this in your work?

When I do work for a client I make sure to mention alternative materials that are environmentally friendly and can be recycled. Printing on recycled paper is also very important to me and if I have a client that needs any printed material, I make use of printing companies that offer printing on recycled paper and use eco-friendly inks.

What are some of the projects you have worked on? Which one is your favourite and why?

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some incredible people who share a lot of the same interest as I do, especially when it comes to the way in which I approach my designs. Some of my favourite projects have been projects that focus on client rebranding. I love the whole process of getting to know a client and crafting designs that fit perfectly for their brand.

My favourite project I’ve worked on so far looked at the branding for a client based in Cape Town, ‘Myxboyfriendtshirt’. The reason for it being my favourite was because the style they wanted for their designs was very different to my own. The colour palette consisted of bright reds and pinks which were colours I hadn’t worked with before. Her style was also inspired by grunge aesthetic which was a style that was new to me. This project helped me step out of my comfort zone and gain the confidence I needed as a designer which really excited me. It also helped me find a love for digital illustrating and for using more bold colours.

One of the latest projects that I am currently working on is exploring the idea of reusable bags. The bags are made from hemp linen material and have unique illustrations printed onto the front. When I first created the bags my intention was to show potential clients that there are alternative ways of approaching packaging. My aim is to get future clients to see these examples, that are both pleasing on the eye and the environment, and to encourage similar thinking. When a client can see what can be achieved, my hope is that they will reconsider the way in which they design for their brand.

Roodt was excited to share with 10and5 the their website will launch soon. In the meantime, check out their work on Instagram.

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