Performance Artist Luke Rudman Blends Body Art & Vibrant Colours to Create Striking Art Pieces

Known for his elaborate body paintings and headpieces, Luke Rudman is a Port Elizabeth-based performance artist who pushes artistic boundaries. Rudman, who describes his work as an unconventional form of self-expression, experiments with a range of textures to present his multicoloured, vibrant pieces of art.

In previous years, the young artist has taken part in festivals such as the ‘Colours of You Creative Festival, showcased his work in the Art Times Magazine, and collaborated with Greenpeace Africa in an art performance that highlighted the effects of plastic pollution on the oceans. For this performance, Rudman created pieces from plastic bags he gathered from his neighbourhood.

Rudman’s recent work focuses on distorted, surreal representations of the self and of beauty, challenging notions of identity as well as the societal expectations that arise from assigned identity.


Between 10 and 5