#AfricaMonth: Meet Nigerian Digital Artist, Alexis Tsegba

Nigerian-born digital artist, Alexis (Chivir-ter) Tsegba is a self-taught digital artist whose work creates visual experiences by merging nature, modern Africans and technology while using an Afrofuturistic theme. Through this, Tsegba aims to portray the complex relationship between African cultures and our use of technology – which is showcased in her digital collages.

Born and raised in a Christian home in Benue State, Nigeria, she found interest in technology from a young age, and seemingly, she gravitated towards using art as a way of re-envisioning and changing the narrative of the Christian teachings many Africans have heard during their upbringing.

Her creations are highly influenced by various forms of art; such as architecture, photography and abstract art.

While freelancing between Nigeria and the United Kingdom, Tsegba has managed to add her artistic touch and work with various individuals and brand; these include designing and launching content for Nike for the Women’s World Cup Campaign 2019, designing the cover for Grammy-nominated album The Love by Alphabet Rockers and exhibiting digital work with Picha-stock Africa in Nairobi, Cape Town and Seattle.

View more of her work on IG.

All images obtained from Instagram.

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