#AfricaMonth: Prince Gyasi Tells Visual Stories of Accra, Ghana Through His iPhone Lens

The bustling city of Accra – home to Ghanaian photographer, Prince Gyasi, serves as an inspiration and a backdrop for the visual artist’s portraits. Gyasi captures soulful, yet vivid scenes of the West African city that offers a glimpse of day-to-day Ghanaian living.

He creates images that are bold, hopeful, and tell the stories of marginalized individuals who are often unheard of or disregarded within society. Gyasi makes use of surrounding landscapes and members of the community as his muse. Each of the portraits showcase a colourful print, which reveals the underlying human emotions that are tied in with a person’s life.

He captures both resiliency and strength through his striking silhouettes placed against brightly altered landscapes and vivid backgrounds.

Through his art, Gyasi aims to showcase the nobility and grace of black skin, offering viewers a counter-narrative to dominant notions of beauty.

His way of capturing moments differs from that of many other photographers- he uses his iPhone to capture the moments present in his portraits.

Outside of photography, Gyasi works towards making a positive contribution and impact on his community. With that in mind, he co-founder BoxedKids; an organization that helps underprivileged children from Jamestown, Accra. Since its inception, the photographer has collaborated with children from the area to help bring creativity into their lives and set up funds for their education.

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