Thando Phenyane: UCT Graduate Explores with Architectural Graphics & Photography

Thando Phenyane, affectionately known as ‘mboma’, is a recent Architecture graduate from the University of Cape Town who considers himself as a multi-disciplinarian, dabbling in illustration, architectural graphics and architectural photography.

Phenyane draws a great deal of inspiration from the Bauhaus school and the de stijl movement that was popular during the early 1900s through to the mid 1900s. Both of these elements are represented in his work through the use of deconstructed yet instinctively articulated lines and quirky use of primary colours.

Phenyane’s first series of work, titled ‘Animals’, explores the buoyant, candid nature of animals – focusing particularly on dogs and birds, in a deconstructed surreal bauhus Miro-esque style. The series of work sees Phenyane using traditional mixed media.

“The goal with my illustrations in particular, is to prompt the viewers thought and to respect the viewer enough to afford them the agency to see and take what they want from the artwork of illustration,” he shares.

Currently, his work explores very light-headed, wacky and peculiar themes. “We find ourselves in very morbid times currently and I see fit that some of our work as creatives goes some way [towards] brightening the zeitgeist, and affords us a break from heavy, socio-political subjects.”

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