Chef and Entrepreneur Sihle Xiniwe Takes the Hospitality Industry by Storm

Sihle Xiniwe, better known as Casso, is a 22-year old professional private chef, food stylist, and hospitality industry entrepreneur. Xiniwe is an emerging pioneer within the hospitality industry and hopes to bring about change and growth and inspire the masses in and outside of the South African hospitality industry.

Being an entrepreneur at heart, Xiniwe founded Picasso Private Chef Agency (PPC) after completing his formal training at the International Hotel School. Picasso Private Chef Food Agency is an establishment that focuses on developing unique, innovative, and creative strategies within the hospitality industry.

The agency is an emerging company within the hospitality industry that gave birth to the annual Hospitality Industry Seminar that has been running for three years. The seminar aims to empower, educate, and build the confidence of those who are looking towards joining the Hospitality and Tourism industry in South Africa.

PPC also gave birth to #PPCTravelAfrica and the Diners Club; #PPCTravelAfrica being an Instagram blog showcasing Africa’s finest destinations, and Diners Club being a catering, beverage and hospitality-based company that has hosted a range of A-listers, business personalities and politicians.

“I wanted to design beautiful dishes and take beautiful images, I wanted to build [the] general public’s confidence in cooking. I knew that I was meant for a bigger purpose and influencing change, innovation, and growth within the hospitality industry; that was what I viewed as my calling and core desire.”

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