Luminaries Project Three: Dances with Light

Lampost Productions’ non-profit mentorship programme, Lampost Luminaries, recently embarked on a new lockdown photography challenge.

Project mentor, Lampost photographer Bianca Theron briefed the Lumes on
“Dances with Light”, an exploration of concepts embracing the limitations
imposed by shooting during the lockdown. The core idea being mundane items made extraordinary through beautifully crafted light.

Bianca stressed the importance of lighting as a fundamental skill in
photography – “If you understand light you can go anywhere, you can do
anything” she said. Presenting examples of sourced images highlighting simple, everyday items elevated to art – principally through the lens of the photographers’ sensitivity to light studies.

Humble items such as toilet rolls or plastic bottles featured in delicate
compositions typically reserved for the covetable, luxury subject matter. Conversely, so many ordinary household items previously underappreciated are currently the most desirable, opening up another avenue of enquiry for symbolism and commentary in this project.

The primary outcome of this project was to exhibit an understanding of light, shadows and highlights, whilst playing with what is achievable with soft and hard light. With an ultimate understanding of the aesthetics behind a well-composted, well-lit still life.

Shooting at home during lockdown poses a unique opportunity to focus on the Luminaries inherent skills. Pushing their own creativity and intuition to a new area of exploration!

Between 10 and 5