Visual Artist uMbusi Explains What It Means To Be An ‘Artified Being’

Visual artist Mbusiwabo Maseko brings forth sultry touches of hues and Afro bearing collage works. Born in Katlehong in East Johannesburg Mbusiwabo AKA ‘uMbusi’ seeks creative energy from what he labels as ‘Artified being’ – the creative source of who Mbusi is as an artist. “ Artified being is the energy that powers the creativity you see in all productivity that is done by uMbusi,” he says

He recalls doodling away on the Paint app in computer class, during his school years. This sparked a long-existing interest, which resulted in him completing a graphic design course to further burgeon his craft. 

“The collages I make exist to break this spell called perfection on the art world. It really puts shackles on the arms of art and stops artists to think freely when creating cause freedom is necessary in mental expression, especially in the art world.”

“I also have this belief that besides shape, we know things for what they are due to color. Color plays a huge role in the existence of the collages and in finding the significance in the detail that is present before me,” he adds.

His recent work in progress titled ‘ebumyameni’ translated ‘in the dark’, places the vulnerable at the center. It is a project that runs on his hope to share light during the rather anxious time of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

“The project focuses on people who do not seem to be seeing light in the lockdown as they take time to illuminate within the darkness they’ve seen themselves in. For those who still face depression (as it is not a time to be acting like the issue has been solved) and all sorts of abuse that causes harm in any way. I’m taking the project on in hopes that those who view the collages have this sense of feel built in them that they can light up the darkness they’re in and shine on. “

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