#AfricaMonth: Pan African Visual Communicator Ssanyu Sematimba

Ssanyu Sematimba is an Uganda-born visual artist raised and currently based in Johannesburg who has experience in graphic design and photography. Her work is inspired by fashion, art and all things African.

Sematimba believes in the application of innovative design thinking. Her understanding of this is that it should be the inherent human ability to contextualise challenges and then adapt solutions instinctually through processes of creative, unhindered rapid interaction. She believes that through this, varied solutions are attainable with the application of the products and processes of design thinking.

Ssanyu also believes that design has the ability to break down barriers and serve as a universal language that allows us to communicate with large groups of people, cross-culturally. 

Through her work, she aims to add and strengthen the African aesthetic to Eurocentric artwork that dominates the international design industry. 

View her work here.

Between 10 and 5