#Africa Month: Sungi Mlengeya Celebrates Black Women Through Her Paintings

Tanzanian-born visual artist Sungi Mlengeya is one to take note of as an emerging creative. Her work explores themes relating to self-discovery and is centred around women – particularly black women. Mlengeya sheds light on their stories; their journeys, struggles, accomplishments and relationships with their immediate societies.

She portrays this through her paintings, which consist of dark figures in minimal shades of black and browns against perfectly white backgrounds. Primarily, she works with acrylic on canvas, creating paintings that are free, minimalist, and with a curious use of negative space.

The ‘perfectly white’ background fits in any space or state being yearned for at a particular moment in time. The space represents a place that is calm, free and detached from social norms and restrictions that are either real or imagined, that have altered complete liberty.

Her striking creations are also a visual exploration of ties between women and the roles unity, support and friendship have in reconstructing their position in society.

Through her work, Mlengeya celebrates the women she is surrounded by and aims to share stories of their everyday experiences in breaking through chains of conformity from social, cultural, and day-to-day civil settings.

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