#AfricaMonth: Congolese Designer Changes the Fashion Industry’s Blueprint with 3D Runway via IG Live

As we are currently faced with a pandemic that has left the masses uncertain about the future, Congolese designer and founder of contemporary luxury fashion brand, Hanifa, Anifa Mvuemba has taken a step towards re-imagining and redefining what the fashion industry – runway shows, in particular, could possibly look like in a post-pandemic world.

On Friday, 22 May, the designer took to Instagram Live to release her latest collection, Pink Label Congo. Mvuemba’s showcase of her Congo-inspired collection saw a change in the game and a rise in the innovation bar as her pieces were presented by 3D models in replacement of human models. The virtual runway show allowed Mvuemba to showcase her collection in an innovative and safe way while correlating with the current time period.

The headless, 3D curvy bodies draped in pieces from the Pink Label Congo collection walked down the virtual runway displaying a range of pants, dresses, shirts and matching two-piece sets created in vibrant colours.

Through this digital showcase of the collection, Mvuemba not only aims to highlight the endless possibilities of the fashion industry transitioning to digital, but she also hopes to shed light and bring attention to the issues that the Democratic Republic of Congo are faced with; from the mining site conditions to the suffering of women and children as a result of these issues.

Mvuemba shared stories and insight related to these issues with a short presentation before debuting the clothes. The designer was also very intentional when selecting the colour palettes used in the collection as these stories were shared through the clothing pieces too. Colours such as red, blue and yellow symbolise the flag of the Central African country and the meaning behind each shade.

Mvuemba is paving the way for innovation and change in a time where the fashion industry is navigating what the foreseeable future holds for it and digital shows potentially becoming the new norm.

Watch the full digital runway show here:

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