Nigerian Doccie Shows How Thousands Of Women Lose Their Lives During Child Birth

One can only imagine the agony women go through during child delivery. You may have heard about it or maybe seen it in a movie. But, this documentary shows you the real thing.

Yearly, thousands of women lose their lives or that of their child during childbirth, as a result of complications or loss of blood. According to WHO between 2005 and 2015 alone, over 600,000 maternal deaths and no less than 900,000 maternal near-death cases occurred in Nigeria.

Anchorlight, an American film production company collaborated with a Lagos, Nigeria-based video production company SPS Media Nigeria, to produce a documentary that highlights Lifebank, a key player in the Nigerian health sector that is helping to reduce incidents of maternal deaths through technology and fast motorcycles. This documentary was commissioned by Google.

The 17- minute documentary follows Joseph, one of the fastest blood delivery riders at Lifebank, as he races against time to deliver blood to a hospital to be used for pregnant expecting moms who desperately need it. As he weaves through hectic Lagos traffic to make the delivery, anything could go wrong. It is a challenging yet exhilarating ride all the way to the labour room.

Ben Elekwachi, a celebrated Nigerian film producer who was a part of the Emmy-award nominated production team for HBO documentary, ‘Our Stolen Daughters,’ led the Nigerian production team for Blood Rider.

The documentary was directed by award-winning American director and filmmaker Jon Kasbe, and Director of Photography, David Bolen.

Due to the pandemic, BLOOD RIDER is virtually premiering at We Are One: A Global Film Festival (YouTube-hosted Cannes, Tribeca, Sundance collaboration)

Blood Rider is available for streaming on YouTube. Watch here:

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